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Chef Recommendation

• Grilled pork skewers

Marinated pork on skewers served with thai spicy sauce.

• Garlic and pepper soft shell crab

Lightly battered and deep-fried soft shell crab, covered with diced onion, capsicum, shallot, dry garlic and a touch of pepper.

• Pra ram long song

Steamed Vegetable topped with homemade peanut sauce.

• Crispy tofu with curry sauce

Deep fried tofu topped with curry sauce and served with steamed vegetable

• Tara mixed vegetable

Special stir fried mixed vegetables with chilli jam and cashew nuts for vegetarian lover

• Tara duck curry

Slices of boneless duck, tomato, pineapple, vegetables and basil leaves, cooked in red curry sauce.

• Sweet and sour crispy prawns

Lightly battered and deep fried prawns topped with homemade tamarind sauce an fried onion.

• Crispy tofu with garlic and pepper

Deep fried soft tofu, covered with diced onion, capsicum shallot, dry garlic and a touch of pepper.


1. Spring rolls (v) (4pcs)

Vegetarian spring rolls.

2. Curry puffs (v) (4pcs)

Three type of potatoes, pea and touch of curry powder wrap in puff pastry.

3. Deep fried tofu (v) (6pcs)

Deep fried soft tofu served with homemade peanut sauce.

4. Deep fried wonton (4 pcs)

Wonton Pastry filled with minced chicken, coriander and secret seasoning.

5. Deep fried chicken wing (4 pcs)

Deep fried marinated chicken wing.

6. Money bags (4pcs)

Spring rolls pastry filled with mixture of minced chicken, pea, corn and shred coconut.

7. Steamed dim sim (4 pcs)

A steamed pork and vegetables dim sim with home made sweet soy sauce.

8. Fish cake (4 pcs)

Deep fried minced fish with Thai spices, kaffir lime leaves & green beans.

9. Satay chicken (4 pcs)

Grilled marinated chicken tenderloin served with homemade peanut sauce.

10. Stuffed chicken wings ( 2 pcs)

Boneless chicken wings stuffed with minced pork, onion and vermicelli.

11. Prawns parcels (4 pcs)

Fresh king prawns stuffed with minced pork and vermicelli, wrapped in Spring Rolls pastry

12. Coconut prawns (4 pcs)

Deep fried light-battered king prawns with coconut flake served with Mayo.

13. Mixed entrée (5 pcs)

A balance of mixture of spring roll, curry puff, money bags, steamed Dim Sim and deep fried wonton.

14. Deep fried garlic and pepper squid

Lightly battered deep-fried squid with a touch of garlic, Salt and pepper. Served with sweet chilli sauce.

15. Prawns crackers



16. Tom yum soup

Spicy and sour soup flavoured with lemongrass & other Thai herbs and fresh mushrooms

17. Tom kha

Coconut soup with mushroom, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice and fresh herbs.

18. Wonton soup

(chicken only) A clear soup with wonton pastry filled with minced chicken


19. Larb chicken or pork

Minced chicken or pork with herbs, roasted ground rice, chilli and lime juice.

20. Chicken salad

Sliced chicken breast wok smoked with a spicy dressing, cashew nut and a hint of coconut milk

21. Beef salad

Wok smoked of beef sliced mixed with a spicy dressing, lime juice, chilli jam, tomato, cucumber and herb.

22. Grilled prawns salad

Grilled prawns with spicy dressing, tomato, cucumber and herb.

23. Crispy fish salad

Lightly battered and deep fried fish, cashew nuts, lemongrass, herb mixed wih homemade salad dressing.

24. Glass noodle salad (yum woon sen)

Vermicelli, mince pork and seafood mixed with homemade salad dressing

25. Som tum (papaya salad)

Green papaya salad with peanuts, dried shrimps, green bean, tomato Spicy, salty and slightly sweet taste. severed with your choice of:

26. Grilled pork salad

Wok smoked marinated pork with herbs, roasted ground rice, chilli and lime juice.


27. Green curry

Traditional Thai curry with green curry paste, coconut milk and mixed vegetables and Thai sweet basil.

28. Red curry

Aromatic Thai red curry paste with coconut milk, bamboo shoot and vegetables and Thai sweet basil.

29. Panang curry (contain peanut)

Traditional Thai Dry curry cooked in Panang curry paste with coconut milk, vegetables, peanut sauce and top with a touch of kaffir lime leaves and coconut milk.

30. Massaman curry

(BEEF ONLY) Slow cooked Chunky tender beef in homemade massaman curry paste, coconut milk and potato

31. Yellow curry

(CHICKEN ONLY) Slow cooked chunky tender chicken in homemade yellow curry paste, coconut milk and potato


32. Bbq chicken

Tender grilled marinated chicken served with sweet chilli sauce

33. Bbq beef (crying tiger)

Wok smoked of beef rump sliced in special sauce served with spicy dipping sauce

34. Bbq pork

Grilled marinated pork served with spicy dipping sauce

35. Bbq duck

Crispy skin boneless roasted duck served with vegetable and homemade sauce.

Stir Fried

36. Stir fried with basil leaves

Popular of Thai Spicy stir fried with mixed vegetable, bamboo shoots, fresh chilli and basil leaves.

37. Stir fried with ginger

Stir fried fresh ginger, mixed vegetable in homemade sauce.

38. Stir fried with oyster sauce

Stir fried mixed vegetable with oyster sauce.

39. Stir fried with black bean

Stir fried mixed vegetable with black bean.

40. Stir fried with cashew nut

A unique flavour stir fried mixed vegetable with chilli jam and cashew nut.

41. Stir fried with chilli paste

A spicy stir fried in chilli paste with kaffir lime leaves.

42. Stir fried with garlic and pepper

A stir fried with garlic and pepper seasoning sauce and top with crunchy garlic.

43. Stir fried with sweet and sour sauce

Stir fried mixed vegetable, pineapple and cucumber with sweet and sour sauce.

Fish Fillet

44. Ginger & mushroom sauce

Deep fried fish fillet topped with chicken mince, ginger and mushroom gravy sauce.

45. Sweet chilli sauce

Deep fried fish fillet topped with homemade sweet chilli sauce.

46. Three flavour sauce

Deep fried fish fillet topped with garlic, diced onion, capsicum in three flavour of spicy, sweet and sour sauce.

47. Tamarind sauce

Deep fried fish fillet topped with special tamarind sauce, coconut milk and Thai herb.

48. Lemon sauce (steamed barramundi)

Steamed fish with chilli, garlic and lemon sauce.

49. Curry sauce (steamed barramundi)

Steamed fish in curry sauce topped with coconut milk kaffir lime leaves.

Rice and Noodles

50. Fried rice

Thai style fried rice with egg, tomatoes, Gai Lan and shallots.

51. Tom yum fried rice

Spicy & Sour fried rice with egg, vegetables, Thai herbs and tom yum paste.

52. Tara fried rice

Chef’s own recipe of fried rice with pineapple, sultana, capsicum, shallot and cashew nuts.

53. Pad thai

Stir fried thin rice noodle with egg, bean sprouts, chives, ground peanuts and with sweet and sour sauce.

54. Pad si-ew

Stir fried flat rice noodle with egg, green vegetable and homemade sauce.

55. Drunken noodle

Stir fried flat rice noodle with egg, vegetable, fresh chilli and sweet basil leaves.

56. Fried egg noodle

Stir fried hokkien noodle with egg, vegetable and homemade sauce.

57. Laksa noodle soup

Rice vermicelli & egg noodle in creamy homemade coconut soup.

58. Steamed rice

59. Coconut rice

60. Brown rice

61. Roti bread (4 pcs)


62. Grilled lemongrass pork with rice

Grilled marinated lean pork served with rice and thai spicy sauce

63. Stir fried crispy pork belly with rice

Stir fried crispy pork belly with your choice of:

64. Crispy chicken with turmeric rice

Deep fried marinated chicken with turmeric rice served with sweet chilli sauce.

65. Bbq pork noodle soup

Egg noodle soup bbq pork

66. Lard nah seafood

Flat rice noodle, seafood, carrot, asian green vegetable with egg gravy sauce.

67. Creamy tom yum noodle soup

Thin rice noodle in creamy tom yum soup with prawns, mushroom and bean sprout.

68. Spicy tom yum noodle soup (thai style)

Thin rice noodle in tom yum soup with minced pork, pork ball and bean sprout


69. Soft drink can

70. Homemade thai lemon ice tea


71. homemade thai milk tea